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M.A. in English


The objective of the MA in English program is to make the learners well versed in the knowledge of English language and literature. It has been designed for them to acquire fluency and accuracy both in speaking and writing. The program covers a comprehensive curriculum of national and international standard. The program aims at enabling the learners proficient in all areas of English Language usage and overcoming all relevant problems with ease and comfort. With the possession of adequate knowledge and skills, the learners will be able to face all kinds of professional challenges successfully and efficiently. Graduates of this program will be resourceful and find ease in all spheres of life. 

Entry Requirement

For M.A in English program, the entry requirement is B.A.(pass)/B.Com(pass)/B.Sc(pass) or equivalent, or B.A.(Hons.) Degree in English with minimum 2nd division or GPA 2.5 in both SSC and HSC or erquivalent examinations.


Admission into M.A. in English program is on a competitive basis. Aplicants will be required to sit for an admission test designated to judge their abilities and aptitude for the program. Candidates are selected for admission on the basis of past academic records, a written test and a viva examination.

Degree Requirements

Group A: A student with a B.A.(Hons.) in English or its equivalent will require to complete 42 credit hours (14 courses)(Evening Shift).

Group B: A student with a B.A.(pass) degree or its equivalent will require to complete 66 credit hours (22 courses)(Evening Shift).


The fee structure for the M.A. in English program is as follows:

Group A: Students having B.A.(Hons.) in English or its equivalent

Fees (for total 42 credits) Amount
Payable per credit Tk. 1,860
Payable (approx.) in each subsequent semester(3 Semesters) Tk. 22,620
Total cost for the entire program Tk.79,020


Group B: Students having B.A.(Pass) degree or its equivalent

Fees (for total 66 credits) Amount
Payable per credit Tk. 1,860
Payable (approx.) in each subsequent semester(05 Semesters) Tk. 22,620
Total cost for the entire program Tk.1,24,260


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Dean and Head of the Department
Prof. Md. Abdul Halim 
Associate Professor, Head 
MA in English
E-mail: mhalim24@gmail.com
Prof. Hafizur Rahman Mia
MA in English

Associate Professors
Md Mohsin Miayan
MA in English

E-mail: mohsin_miyan@yahoo.com
Assistant Professors
Nazneen Rahman
MA in English

E-mail: nazneen_ahmed2004@yahoo.com
Shamsi Farzana
MA in English

E-mail: shamsiaparajita@gmail.com
K. M. Monirul Islam
MA in English

E-mail: sajeeb_magpie@yahoo.com
Salma Parvin Suma
MA in English

E-mail: salma_979@yahoo.com
Md. Ziaul Haque
MA in English

E-mail: ziaulhaquenatore@yahoo.com
A.S.M Shamem
MA in English

E-mail: smshamem@yahoo.com
Mehbuba Sharmin
MA in English

E-mail: mehbubasharmin@yahoo.com
Md. Rabiul Alam
MA in English

E-mail: rabiulalam_84@yahoo.com
Tanjila Rahman
MA in English

E-mail: densyfog@gmail.com
Rokeya Khatun
MA in English

E-mail: rokeyaahammed@gmail.com
Touhida Easmin Homyra
MA in English

E-mail: touhidaeasmin@yahoo.com
Ayesha Aktar
MA in English

E-mail: ayeshaaktar.bd@gmail.com
Mahbubul Hoque
MA in English

E-mail: mahbubhoque213@yahoo.com
Md. Mijanur Rahman Bhuiya
MA in English

E-mail: mijan196@gmail.com
Rabeya Khatun Mitu
MA in English

E-mail: rabeyakhatunmitu@yahoo.com
Sultana Jahan
MA in English

E-mail: sjkoli10@gmail.com
Md.Zahangir Alam
MA in English

E-mail: nsudream@yahoo.com


For Uttara Campus:


For Ashulia Campus:

Proficiency in English will allow you access to

  • Jobs in various fields of employment      

  • Higher studies abroad

  • A good teaching job in home and abroad

  • A prestigious job in international or multinational organizations

  • Better performance in BCS and other recruitment exams.

  • A job in print and electronic media

  • Traveling overseas with ease

  • Outsourcing as a writing professional

  • Access to literature written in English language

  • Lead a life with improved and sophisticated morality

  • A career in fast growing tourism industry

  • A job as an interpreter

  • Rapid progress in your own business

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