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The School of Business

The School of Business has the following objectives:

  • To produce managers and leaders who are proactive, creative and innovative in strategic planning and implementation and highly capable of facing the challenges of the modern business world.
  • To produce business professionals who are axademically excellent, administratively efficient and morally upright.
  • To produce business graduates and masters who are able to disseminate knowledge and conduct research in the field of business, economics and management.
  • To provide exquisite environment for executives to interact and exchange views, ideas, knowledge and experience.
Dean of The School of Business:

Prof. Dr. Md. Musharaf Hossain

M.Com. Ph.D, AEM (North-America)
Dean, School of Business
Ex-Dean, Islamic University, Kustia

Cell: 01558413298, 01925654936

Email: musharafiu@yahoo.com

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