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Faculty Profile of Mr.  A.S.M.  Shamem

Name : Mr.  A.S.M.  Shamem

Designation : Assistant Professor

Education : BA(Hons) in English, MA in English, PhD (Fellow)

Research Area : Problems and Prospects of learning English, Bangladesh Perspective

Research and Publications

  • A comparative Study on GTM and CLT Method in English language Teaching; An Empirical study from Bangladesh Perspective Doers Business Review Vol.: 1 No: 02 ISSN: 2305-526X PP: 04-19   2015

  • The difficulties and elucidations of teaching and learning English pronunciation on reading and communication at secondary level students in Bangladesh Asian Review: Journal of Asian University of Bangladesh Vol.: 3 No: 01 ISSN: 1729-5122 PP: 18-28 Asian University of Bangladesh  2014

  • The Principles of Teaching and Learning Vocabulary in SLA Expressions, A Journal of the Department of English Vol.: 2 Issue No: 1 ISSN: 2074-5451  Asian University of Bangladesh  2013

  • Pedagogical Implications for Secondary level Students in Bangladesh Journal of History and Civilization , Dept. of Islamic History and Civilization Vol.: 1  ISSN: 2310-5429  Asian University of Bangladesh  2013

  • Content Base Language Teaching Bangladesh Journal of Islamic Thought, BIIT, Vol.: 9 No: 12 ISSN: 1816-689X  Bangladesh  2013

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