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Faculty Profile of Prof. Dr. Abulhasan M. Sadeq

Name : Prof. Dr. Abulhasan M. Sadeq

Designation : Professor

Education : PhD from Manitoba University, Canada (1984), Graduate from Dhaka University in Economics(1976)

Research Area : The fields of Economics; general, Islamic, and potential resources for future development.

Research and Publications

  • আমি যদি পাখি হতাম,       কথামালা প্রকাশনী,  ঢাকা, 2014

  • দেশটাকে গড়ব,       কথামালা প্রকাশনী,  ঢাকা, 2014

  • মৃত সাগরের দেশে,       কথামালা প্রকাশনী,  ঢাকা, 2014

  • অর্থনৈতিক কর্মকান্ডের নৈতিক ও আইনগত নির্দেশনাঃ গাজালীর বিশ্লেষণ,  ইসলামী ব্যাংকিং,     PP: 41-62,   USA,  2005

  • Waqf, Perpetual Charity and Poverty Alleviation,  International Journal of Social Economics,     PP: 37-43,   USA,  2002

  • Ethics in Business and Management (eds.),  Asean Academic Press,       London,  2001

  • Entrepreneurship Development and Training,  Hamdard Islamicus,  Vol.: 20,  Issue No: 4,   PP: 37-43,  Hamdard Foundation,  Karachi,  1997

  • Quality Management,  Leeds Publications,     PP: 121-154,   Kuala Lumpur,  1996

  • Quality Management (ed.),  Leeds Publications,       Kuala Lumpur,  1996

  • Muslim World Agriculture In Disarray: An Agenda for Collective Self-Reliant Development,  International Islamic University,       Kuala Lumpur,  1996

  • Banking Revolution and the Problem of Personnel Development,  Thoughts on Economics,  Vol.: 7,  Issue No: 1,   PP: 39-57,  Islamic Economics Research Bureau,  Dhaka,  1996

  • Ethico-Economic Institution of Zakah : An Instrument of Self-Reliance and Sustainable Grassroots Development,  Humanomics,  Vol.: 12,  Issue No: 2,   PP: 47-69,   UK,  1996

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  • Readings in Economic Thought,        Longman,Kuala Lumpur,  1992

  • Economic Growth in an Economy Development & Finance,      International Islamic University Press,  Kuala Lumpur,  1991

  • Development and Finance,  International Islamic University,       Kuala Lumpur,  1991

  • Dimensions of Development,       Islamic Economics Research Bureau,  Dhaka,  1991

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  • Fertility Differential in Developing and Developed Countries - Causes and Implications,  The Dhaka University of Studies, Part - C,     PP: 7-22,  University of Dhaka,  Dhaka,  1982

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