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A Unique University

AUB is a leading private university in Bangladesh. Its salient features include the following:

1. AUB provides higher education at a comparatively affordable cost in the country, allowing economically weak guardians to educate their wards at an institution of higher learning. As such it has been playing an important role in human resource development and thus in the socio-economic development of the country.

2. The academic curriculum of AUB has been developed with the help of experts from reputed universities, at home and abroad, to provide high quality education comparable to that of world class universities.

3. In academic programs, AUB has adopted an interdisciplinary approach so that the graduates of AUB are equipped with multi-dimensional insights to face the challenges of real life in the complex modern world.

4. The curricula and the co-curricular activities have been integrated with ethical and moral values so that the AUB graduates become morally upright and professionally sound.

Library Facilities

AUB has a rich library from which students can borrow textbooks, reference books, journals, and audio-visual materials. Library resources include printed materials, films, videos and CDs.

Co-curricular Activities

AUB believes in an integrated approach to education. Accordingly, with an objective to produce an integrated personality among students, AUB has adopted some co-curricular programs for the students.These are as follows.

1. Academic Activities
2. Community Service
3. Morality Development and Cultural Activities
4. Sports and Game

The academic activities of students include seminars, workshops, debate, programming contests, software competitions, and so on, which help the students expand their knowledge and gain experience and training in academic pursuits beyond their textbooks and courses.

The community service inculcates among the students a sense of responsibility to the community, nation,and humanity at large. This includes assistance (relief) to the victims of natural calamities, help to the needy, blood donations, and so on.

AUB differentiates between literacy and education. Literacy refers to professional skills alone, while education incorporates moral and ethical development. The elements of ethics and morality have been incorporated in both curricular and co-curricular activities of AUB, including seminars and talks on moral issues.

Besides, AUB supports student sports, which are important for both physical development and a sound state of mind. AUB students are also active in sports and games. They have participated in nationa linter-university sports tournaments and have done well in them.

Students of AUB spend an active life beyond their studies in accordance with the co-curricular activities planned by both AUB and by the students themselves. In debate, AUB teams participated at inter-university competitions and became winners at a debate competition organized by Bangladesh Television,and also did well in international competitions in Malaysia and other countries. They regularly organize seminars and workshops in which VIPs like ministers, scholars and academicians participate.

The students of AUB are active in community service. They mobilize relief funds, distribute them to the victims of calamities, and also provide assistance to the poor in slum areas. AUB received "The BestMotivator of the Year" award in blood donation, awarded by the Sandhani, Dhaka Medical College.

Besides, in morality and culture, AUB students organize seminars and talks to inculcate and strengthen moral values among the students.

However, all kinds of direct political activism are prohibited at AUB.

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