Course Catalog

Core Courses 
Compulsory: 19 courses (57 credit hours)

Course Code Course Title
SOC 1101 Introduction to Sociology
SOC 1102 Introduction to Anthropology
SOC 1103 Comparative Social Systems
SOC 1104 Sociology of Bangladesh
SOC 1105 Sociological Theory I
SOC 1109 Rural Sociology
SOC 1209 Social Structure of Bangladesh
SOC 1212 Sociology of Health and Medicine
SOC 2313 Social Strati cation
SOC 2314 Urban Sociology
SOC 2315 Gender and Development Studies
SOC 2316 Sociology of Politics and Government
SOC 2414 Contemporary Muslim and Western Societies
SOC 3518 Sociological Theory II
SOC 3519 Methods of Social Research I
SOC 3520 Methods of Social Research II
SOC 4727 Social Change and Development
SOC 4728 Sociological Theory III
SOC 4830 Islamic Ideology and Muslim Society

Elective: any 15 courses (45 credit hours)

Course Code Course Title
SOC 1106 Social Problems
SOC 1207 Sociology of Marriage and Family
SOC 1208 Sociology of Economic Behavior
SOC 1210 Sociology of Poverty
SOC 2310 Sociology of Political Behavior
SOC 2311 Social Control
SOC 2312 Religious Beliefs and Rituals
SOC 2416 Colonialism in the Muslim World
SOC 2417 Islamic World Order
SOC 2418 Comparative Studies of Societies and Communities
SOC 3521 Population and Society
SOC 3622 Sociology and Western Ideologies
SOC 3623 Social Systems
SOC 3624 Law and Society
SOC 3625 Criminology
SOC 4726 Social Anthropology
SOC 4829 Environmental Sociology
SOC 4831 Applied Sociology and Anthropology
SOC 4855 Introduction to Women's Studies
SOC 4858 Elementary Statistics



Compulsory: 7 courses (21 credit hours)

Course Code Course Title
ECON 2308 Comparative Economic Systems
ENG 1114 Communication Skill
GP 1205 Comparative Political Systems
IS 1101 Introduction to Islam
IS 1207 Islamic Ethics
IS 2113 Biography of the Prophet
IS 4845 Comparative Legal Systems


Elective: any 3 courses (9 credit hours)

Course Code Course Title
BBA 1201 Principles of Management
CSE 1101 Basics of Computers
ECON 1105 Basics of Economics
ECON 3621 Theory and Practice of Islamic Banking and Insurance
GP 1101 Introduction to Political Science
GP 3623 Political Development in Bangladesh
IH 1105 Islamic History
IH 2114 Islamic Civilization
IS 1312 Fiqh of Ibadat
IS 2219 Fiqh al-Mu`amalat wa al-Jinayat
PSY 1104 Introduction to Psychology


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